Tom Brady reacts to the news of Jimmy Garoppolo suffering a season-ending ACL injury

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If there's any quarterback in the NFL who knows what kind of rehab is about to go Sindarius Thornwell Jersey through, it's .Garoppolo is going to in his left knee during the ' 38-27 lo s to the on Sunday. Brady also tore his left ACL once, and in a very odd coincidence, the quarterback also suffered his injury against the Chiefs.Back in Week 1 of 2008, the Patriots lost Brady for the season in the first quarter after he took a low hit from Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. The injury ended Brady's season and he didn't end up playing again until 2009. More on the NFL During , Brady was asked about Garoppolo's injury, and from the sound of it, the 41-year-old Darius Miller Jersey definitely empathizes with his former teammate. "I feel terrible for him," Brady said. "It's a tough injury. I feel bad for Solomon Hill Jersey Jimmy, and it's football. Things happen like that. I've been through an ACL. It just sucks. You hate to see people go down, and (Jimmy) is someone I really like and have been friends with since the day he got here. It just sucks to have to go through that."Unlike Elfrid Payton Jersey Brady, who was throwing a pa s when he was injured back in 2008, Garoppolo suffered his injury while trying to scramble.On a third-and-goal from the Chiefs' 20-yard line, Garoppolo took off and ran. Once he got about 10 yards downfield, the 49ers quarterback had a chance to get out of bounds, but instead, he tried to gain a few more yards and that's when the injury happened. Garoppolo's left knee appeared to buckle just before he took a hit from Chiefs defensive back . Jimmy Garoppolo scrambles on third down and takes a big hit before he can get out of bounds. Hes injured on the play. Rob Lowder (@Rob_Lowder) If Garoppolo's return to football goes as well Jahlil Okafor Jersey as Brady's, then the 49ers are going go be in good shape over the next few years. Since returning to the field in 2009, Brady hasn't mi sed a single game due to injury. Including Sunday's lo s to the , Brady has now played in 143 consecutive regular-season games. The Patriots quarterback has also added four Super Bowl appearances (two Eric Bledsoe Jersey wins) and two MVP awards since coming back from his ACL injury.
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